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Arnhem City Guide

About Arnhem

Discover a city bound by its history, located in the biggest, least populated province of The Netherlands, surrounded by extensive forestry and several Nature Park reserves. Arnhem also known as Arnheim holds a population of 135,000 inviting a wide range of people to discover its fascinating history, museums, shopping opportunities and extensive range of excellent restaurants. Arnhem is only a one hour train ride from Amsterdam and shouldn’t be sniffed at, it truly is a beautiful city and makes for a great day exploring.


During the Second World War Arnhem played a big role in 1944 with the infamous mission ‘Operation Market Garden’. The Battle of Arnhem in particular was an extensive battle at the forefront of the Allied ‘Operation Market Garden’ lasting from 17-26 September 1944. Code name ‘Market’ meaning from the air and code name ‘Garden’ meaning from the ground. With Arnhem already being occupied by the Germans from 10 May 1940, the strategy was to capture several tactically significant bridges in The Netherlands in and around Arnhem, Wolfheze, Driel and Oosterbeek in the hope of breaking the German lines. This mission was a military disaster with 1400 men being killed and 600 being captured out of the 10,000 troops involved. The allies were met by huge unexpected resistance and the mission was a failure. It wasn’t until April 1945 that Arnhem was liberated by British and Canadian forces after being occupied by the Germans. ‘Operation Market Garden’ is represented in war video games such as ‘Medal of Honor’ and ‘Brothers in Arms’. It was also mastered as an epic war film ‘A Bridge too Far’ in 1977 with an ensemble cast, one that can’t be missed after visiting the city. It is overwhelming standing in one place where chaos once engulfed the city.

Things to do

St. Eusebius church

St Eusebius church also known as the Eusebiuskerk is the largest building in Arnhem reaching a height of 93 metres. It is a sculpture of history located in the centre of Arnhem. Within the church there is a glass panoramic lift that can take you to the top of the main tower 73 metres high. You also have the opportunity to see Arnhem from above with two glass box balconies located 60 metres above the ground, a great place to take photos and enjoy the surrounding views. This has been open since 2018 and is a must in Arnhem. You can also learn about the church’s fascinating history and the collapse of the tower in September 19, 1944. Don’t be put off by the entry fee of 11 euros per adult as it made the day truly special for us. To book your tickets online go to

Koninklijke/Royal Burgers’ Zoo

The zoo is one of the biggest in The Netherlands at 45 hectares and receives approximately 1.5 million visitors every year. It is interestingly home to the largest living coral reef in Europe highlighting the life of a coral reef in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Animal welfare is their priority and with new innovative ways to remain as natural and sustainable as possible the zoo seemingly sets no bad footprint. This zoo is on our list of places to visit and if you have visited let us know what you thought @contact us.

The Arnhem Wine Museum

Now, who loves wine? We do! If you are anything like us then you will want to visit one of the oldest wine cellars in The Netherlands. It is a great place to enjoy an afternoon tasting wine in unique surroundings with expert guides. You will learn everything there is to know about the wine making process and is a must when visiting Arnhem.

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

If you love to hike or cycle and enjoy the fresh air then De Hoge Veluwe National Park will not disappoint. At around 13,343 acres this beautiful natural landscape offers so much to explore. The Kröller-Müller Museum is home to an iconic sculpture garden and to the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world. If that isn’t enough to make you want to visit the National Park there are 1800 free white bicycles that can be used to explore the 40km of bike paths. It is also possible to see wild animals like deers and wild hogs in their natural habitat from the various wildlife observation posts that are placed throughout the park.

Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’

Founded in 1949 the museum in Oosterbeek (4km from Arnhem) is a tribute to the British and Polish airborne troops who fought in the Battle of Arnhem also referred to as ‘Operation Market Garden’ in 1944 during the Second World War. There is no better place to learn about this encounter. A fascinating and shocking insight. If your history nerds like us then ‘Hartenstein’ museum is a great place to visit.

Food and drink

There are a huge number of lovely looking restaurants, bars and terraces throughout Arnhem. We highly recommend ‘t Taphuys Arnhem for its unique way of serving drinks.

Arnhem Arnhem beers at t' taphuys

There are 50 different types of special beers to try and you have the power to choose which and how much of each you want. It’s a great establishment and a great concept located in a large converted post house. You purchase credit on a ‘t Taphuys card and help yourself to the huge variety of drinks on offer. Friendly staff who talked us through the concept and plenty of seating for the smaller and larger parties. Watch our video below to see how we enjoyed ‘t Taphuys.

There are also a huge number of other terraces and restaurants that can be enjoyed in the surrounding area. We will be going back to experience more for sure!


Arnhem is located near the Eastern border of Germany and just like the rest of The Netherlands it is easy to get to by public transport. The distance between Arnhem and Amsterdam is 82km and takes approximately an hour by train. With super efficient public transport there is no need to rent a car or worry about transport to and from cities. Use the 9292 app to work out your route.

The surrounding areas of Arnhem are deeply desirable with its lush greenery and cozy feel. Find out where else to travel in The Netherlands by clicking here.

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Travelling Translated

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