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The best pancake house in The Netherlands

For the love of pancakes let’s start a debate! Savoury or sweet? Cheese or no cheese? Chocolate or fruit? And lastly what drink do you accompany your pancake with? Now, this is all objective but we’re going to share our favourite combinations and tell you where you can find our favourite pancake house in The Netherlands!

Theehuis Rhijnauwen – (Teahouse Rhijnauwen)

As you may already know we met in South East Asia whilst travelling solo. When in Malaysia we bonded over our love for donuts and bought a box of 12 varying in flavours. Yes our eyes were bigger than our stomachs at the times. You can see why we had to make a blog about pancakes now right? Especially with one of us being Dutch!

Theehuis Rhijnauwen pronounced (tay-huis rine-oww-en) serves a variety of foods, snacks and drinks. On a sunny day there is nothing better than walking around the local lush forest and finishing with a pancake in the gardens of the restaurant. If this doesn’t complete the day for you or your kids, how about the local resident donkeys, Carlos and Isabella on site to visit. It is a very family and dog friendly restaurant and the staff are brilliant.

If the weather is persuading you not to visit don’t worry there is plenty of seating inside or out under cover on the terrace. 

Let’s talk food!

Our favourite pancake and only option we choose is the ‘spek and kaas’ pancake! Bacon and cheese with ‘stroop’ (syrup) is the best thing ever. We also always choose a ‘warme chocolademelk met slagroom’ (hot chocolate with whipped cream).


When we first visited we ordered one pancake each with hot chocolates and it was way too much! Our advice would be to try sharing one and see how you feel. You can always order more. Unless you’re like Joey out of ‘Friends’ and don’t like sharing food. Don’t be like Joey! Sadly, we haven’t tried many other foods when visiting Theehuis Rhijnauwen, we just can’t steer away from our love for this particular pancake! 


Walking off your pancake!

The other amazing thing about this particular pancake house is the surroundings. It is located in the beautiful estate of Amelisweerd with stunning walks ready to enjoy with the family. After eating an enormous lunch or afternoon treat it makes the guilt slightly less when you can burn off some of the calories. Especially when it’s in this setting!

If you know of any amazing pancake houses in The Netherlands that we’ve missed please contact us because we need to try them! The Dutch have such a love for amazing bar snacks which we both adore. Check out our ‘Try before you die foods in The Netherlands’ and tick some off the list on your next visit.


Travelling Translated

Travelling Translated

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