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How expensive is accommodation in Sri Lanka?

Accommodation costs vary across Sri Lanka. We decided to make this blog to be completely transparent with you. Our trip across Sri Lanka was by no means cheap as we decided to go a little more luxurious than on our previous endeavours. Accommodation counted for 37% of our total budget and we spent the following – LKR 502,152.00 / €2,191.18 / £1,858.86 / $2,480.13.

Accommodation types


This was our choice of accommodation throughout Sri Lanka. We booked through and as we’re signed up with them we get ‘Genius’ benefits, such as free breakfast or a small discount. Definitely worth looking into, completely free and only benefits you.

With hotels, prices can vary massively depending on the luxuriousness, area and room type. We tended to opt for medium priced hotels, on average spending £46.45 / €54.76 a night for two people. The average price is increased by the more luxurious stays we had over Christmas, after climbing Adam’s Peak and at the end of our Sri Lankan stay. It’s ironic that the cheaper, more family run hotels were far more personal which we thoroughly enjoyed.


When we look back at our time in Sri Lanka we would say we definitely stayed in some accommodation that gave a homestay feel or experience. If you’re looking for authenticity then this is the way to stay. Prices will be very reasonable and you are usually offered some experiences for additional or no cost such as a traditional Sri Lankan dinner. 


Choosing this type of accommodation will benefit you in so many ways and in retrospect we wish we stayed in more hostels. The price is lower, the chance to meet fellow travellers is literally on your doorstep and your surrounded by like minded people. Even as a couple don’t be afraid, you can book a private room in most hostels so there is no need to share in a dorm. If you’re a solo traveller, this is the only way to travel!

The price of accommodation hugely varies depending on how far in advance you book it and when you plan to stay! Below we show you the price we paid for our favourite accommodations in Sri Lanka (we booked 1/2 months in advance).

Our top 10 favourite accommodations in Sri Lanka and the price!

Please note all currency conversions and prices were relevant at the time of booking in November 2021. You can check out current prices of each hotel by clicking on their name!

1) D Canal House – Mirissa 

€69.89 / £59.29 / $79.11 per night for 2 people 

Sri Lanka Accommodation

The garden walk, boutique vibes, swimming pool and lovely hosts made this hotel our favourite stay in Sri Lanka. We booked the sunrise room and were not disappointed. After a stormy night we woke up to the sounds of nature and the orange glow of the sunrise. A feeling of serenity is what D Canal House offers and we loved it!

2) Ella Eco Lodge – Ella

€31.09 / £26.38 / $35.19 per night for 2 people

Sri Lanka accommodation

The combination of the accommodation, host, activities and town made Ella Eco Lodge particularly special for us. In 40 days of travelling this was the one place we were gutted to be leaving. You really do feel at one with nature in Ella Eco Lodge and that is Sampaths (the host) philosophy. Just like the sign suggests, he has let nature in and take hold of the property, which we loved. The room was comfortable and the balcony area, amazing! We were eating breakfast on our last morning, a meal designed for us as a couple by Sampath, and watched the monkeys jumping from tree to tree! Awesome, absolutely awesome! Sampath offered us unique experiences during our stay in Ella and this is what made our stay so unforgettable!

3) Sea View Clayhouse – Hiriketiya 

€44.17 / £37.47 / $50  per night for 2 people

Sri Lanka Accommodation

Nestled in nature and as the name mentions, the rooms are built as clay houses with magnificent sea views. The breakfasts included were incredible, (possibly our favourite throughout Sri Lanka) and the morning brews were perfect with these sublime views!

Sri Lanka accommodation

4) Camelot Beach – Negombo 

€67.52 / £57.28 / $76.43 per night for 2 people

When we booked Camelot Beach hotel we had no idea we would be going onwards to The Maldives so we had the intentions of staying by the beach and relaxing for a few days. The hotel was huge and located right on the beach! You can enjoy live music, fantastic food and lounge by the pool just as we did.

sri lanka

5) Mountain Villa – Adam’s Peak 

€23.25 / £19.72 / $26.32 per night for 2 people

This was our cheapest accommodation option in Sri Lanka and we were slightly nervous because of that. We couldn’t have been more welcomed to the hotel if they tried. We were offered tea and snacks (free of charge) and breakfast! The hotel is 200m from the beginning of the trail to Adam’s Peak and we were kindly offered torches for our ascent at 02:30am. The room was basic but perfectly comfortable! The host also organised a tuk tuk tour for us of the surrounding area, it was perfect!

6) Marino Beach – Colombo 

€59.70 / £50.65 / $67.58 per night for 2 people

Firstly, the infinity pool here was insane and one of the reasons we picked this hotel. It was the perfect place to start and end the day. We started out Sri Lanka journey in Colombo and when we arrived at Marino Beach we were not disappointed. There was also a gym (free of charge) and a fantastic chinese restaurant ready to enjoy at this hotel.

7) Amaya Hills – Kandy 

€87.47 / £74.20 / $99 per night for 2 people

Simply awesome! This felt like our most luxurious stay throughout Sri Lanka and the price does reflect that. We had a stunning room with a terrace immediately entering the gardens of Amaya Hills, such a beautiful place to watch the sunset! The facilities (gym, pool, squash court and billiards room) were also brilliant. There were helpful and very well dressed staff at every corner of the hotel which added to the luxuriousness. A fantastic hotel to relax and enjoy!

8) Mango House – Galle Fort 

€53.84 / £45.67 / $60.94  per night for 2 people

This was a lovely, quiet, personal hotel. Maybe a little pricey for the room, but then again the communal areas, ensuite bathroom and lovely terrace made up for it. The breakfast was enormous, which we enjoyed out on our private terrace area. The staff were very kind and helped us plan our trip around Galle Fort and onwards. A very nice base for our 2 nights in Galle!

9) Giritale Hotel – Polonnaruwa 

€27.16 / £23.04 / $30.74 per night for 2 people

Sri Lanka accommodation

The only reason we wanted to visit Polonnaruwa was to visit the Ancient City. We chose to stay slightly further away in a small town called Giritale to get more ‘bang for your bucks’ as you could say. We were very pleasantly surprised! The highlight for us were the surreal sunsets we witnessed from our balcony both nights and the pakoras, oh those amazing pakoras!

Sunset in Giritale

10) The Bungalow – Nuwara Eliya 

€48 / £40.72 / $54.33 per night for 2 people

Sri Lanka accommodation

This felt more like a homestay rather than a hotel and had that personal touch. Upon booking we chose for a standard room but as we arrived the staff bumped us up to a balcony view, free of charge, which was such a genuinely nice thing to do! The balcony views were absolutely beautiful. If you opt to stay here, we implore you to book a room with a balcony.

Nuwara Eliya accommodation

We were also cooked a very traditional Sri Lankan breakfast which was a lovely touch, although fish curry for breakfast was a new and quirky experience.

In Nuwara Eliya we also stayed in Hilldale Retreat  – €91.63 / £77.74 / $103.72 per night for 2 people.

Honestly it doesn’t make our list of top 10 favourites because of the price we paid in comparison to other amazing stays. It was a lovely hotel but would consider different/cheaper accommodation options next time!

If you enjoyed this blog and it’s stirred something in you to visit Sri Lanka you can check out our entire budget in ‘How expensive is travelling in Sri Lanka?’

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