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Why Rovinj should be on your Bucket List

Get lost in Rovinj, a fairytale like city and fall in love with its charm. The interconnecting alleyways are the best way to explore, with the entire city being pedestrianised.

Where is Rovinj?

Without looking at a map, Croatia is a hard country to navigate. With 5 bordering countries and the Adriatic sea on the Western Coast, Rovinj is located as one of the most Western cities in Croatia.

Rovinj is located in the Istria region, very close to the border with Slovenia and further, Italy. The closest airport is located in Pula, which is where we started our Croatian adventure.

Did you know?

Croatia became an independent nation only in 1991 after Yugoslavia split into 6 countries.

Our action packed day in Rovinj

It’s hard for us to make a list of the best things to do or best places to stay in Rovinj as we only spent a day here. All we can do is tell you the things we loved about this relaxing, charming destination.

Our day started in Pula, 40km South of Rovinj. Transport was pretty straightforward. We caught a public bus (booked online the day before to avoid stress), through flixbus. Unfortunately the current Covid situation means that travelling around with public transport is much more difficult. We recommend researching all transport prior to arriving to Croatia to avoid disappointment. You could always rent a car which would offer a huge amount of freedom.

On arrival in Rovinj we just walked straight into the heart of the City. The style of the shops, the chalky colour of the walls and the live music played in the streets all exude the character of the City. 

As lovers of photography and new travel destinations you might be able to guess what we did next… We found a quiet area on the coast and sent our eye in the sky, the trusty DJI Mini 2, to capture some photos from above. Rovinj is simply beautiful!

Getting hungry?

Us too! You will find restaurants and cafes everywhere you walk. If we’re honest you just need to walk and decide what’s right for you. We sat beside the crystalline waters in one cafe and moved on to the cobblestone street for a refreshing wine and beer. You will find more independent style restaurants in the heart of the alleyways, which makes exploring just that more fun!

As we said earlier, Rovinj is located in the Istria region and Istria is a wine region. Malvasia (white wine) and Teran (red wine) are the local wines to try! We read that the local wine bar San Tommaso is a perfect place to try.

We loved going to Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar for one drink alongside the coast One drink here is perfect as it is quite expensive!

Bar La’Moura is the next place we’d recommend. Not far from Mediterraneo, we enjoyed some more refreshing drinks here. It’s starting to look like we just came to Rovinj for a bar crawl…

But again you can just explore the City and drink where you fancy.

If wine or beer doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about an ice cream? Just like every other coastal City throughout Europe with a warm climate ice cream always seems to be top quality.

Best photography spots

If you’re a fellow photography lover you’re going to love this information! Not to quote Shrek, but Rovinj is like an onion. Once you peel back the layers, (get more and more lost in the streets) you will find some pretty special Instagram worthy photo spots. What’s even better is there are far less tourists, unless they are as lost as you.

Mandy in Rovinj

Honestly, just explore and you will get some fairly unique photo and video opportunities!

Let’s talk sunset. Is it worth it in Rovinj? YES 100%! You have to stay for sunset.

Rovinj sunset

With a beer or a camera in hand we recommend heading up near the Church of St. Euphemia to watch the sunset. You can’t miss this magnificent Church as it acts as a perfect central hub to the City.

Rovinj’s Souvenirs

Rovinj is home to a number of artists and designers shops, the perfect place to get that unique present. We bought this amazing hand crafted stone hut candle holder which illuminates light when lit. That was a mouthful! Traditionally called an Istrian Kazun. What we love about these independent shops is the personal experience you get with it. The owner and artist showed us his methods and we even got to join in on the fun.

You can really tell by our photographs when we’ve had a couple of wines… Talking of wine. Istrian wine and olive oils are also quality souvenirs for family, friends and please don’t forget about yourselves. How many of you have done that? Gone on holiday, bought a load of amazing presents for family and friends and then realise you have nothing for yourself? Only memories.

Rovinj is becoming a more popular tourist destination due to its clear blue waters, cobblestone alleyways and charming feel. Make sure to add this pretty City to your Bucket List. You know where else has the same sort of feel? Mdina, Malta! Check it out here!

Travelling Translated

Travelling Translated

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