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Top things to see in and around Pula!

Croatia is one of the most beautiful but weirdly one of the lesser visited countries in Europe. That being said it is definitely becoming far more popular, so now is the time to visit! Pula is located on the tip of the Istrian peninsula and is surrounded by serene beauty. The history rich, picturesque cobbled streets that lead to the crystal clear turquoise sea make for a wonderful holiday destination. 

When we visited Pula for a couple days we honestly just roamed around taking in the sights of this majestic city. Below are the sights we’d recommend visiting, but if you have time just walk and enjoy Pula for all it has to offer.

Amphitheatre of Pula (Teatro Romano) (Amfiteatar u Puli)


Of course on the top of the list is the Pula Arena (Amfiteatar u Puli). The Arena was built between 27 BC and 68 AD and is now the 6th largest Arena still standing in the world. It is also the only remaining Roman Amphitheatre to have all four side towers entirely preserved. The Arena was used for gladiator fights and remained in use until the 5th century. After this, the Arena was used for fairs and the occasional tournament. Nowadays the Arena hosts all sorts of festivals, concerts, ballets, sport competitions, exhibitions and even gladiator fights! On regular days you can go in by yourself for 70 Croatian Kuna (HRK) per adult (£7.80, €9.24, $10.26) and 35 Kuna for students/children.

MEMO Museum of good Memories (MEMO Muzej dobrih uspomena)

MEMO is an interactive, multimedia museum showcasing life in Pula in the 1950s-80s. The museum has a dual purpose. Its goal is to remind elder visitors of their youth and to also show the younger generation life of parents and even grandparents. Visiting the museum costs 40 HRK for adults and 20 HRK for children 7-12 years old and students. With a lack of research before visiting Pula we actually walked passed this museum. If there was a face palm emoji we could use here we would. This museum sounds like a fun and interactive way to spend a few hours!

Temple of Augustus (Augustov hram) and the Arch of the Sergii (Slavoluk Sergijevaca)

The Temple of Augustus and the Arch of the Sergii are two landmarks hard to miss whilst wandering the streets of Pula. The roman temple was built between 27 BC and AD 14 and was used as a church and later as a granary. The Arch of Sergii, originally a city gate, commemorates three members of the Sergii family; a very powerful family of the Roman colony. They are both definitely worth a visit (and look very good in your travel photos!).

Lightning giants

These colourful giants in the sky are cranes designed by Dean Skira, a famous lighting designer. The cranes are located in the shipyard close to the Arena and can be seen every evening from sunset until midnight with a 15min light show every hour. They are lovely to look at whilst walking by but would suggest not basing your trip around seeing the Lightning Giants.

Brijuni National Park (Nacionalni park Brijuni)

Croatia is renowned for its natural beauty and Brijuni National Park is a perfect example. The national park is a string of scenic islands bursting with flora, fauna, archaeological and cultural sites. The isle of Veliki Brijun also hosts something interesting for the Jurassic Park fans. It is said you can find dinosaur footprints as it was home to many dinosaurs about 79-145 million years ago. 

Aquarium Pula

Pula aquarium is located within the stunning 130-year-old fort Verudela and is a fun way to explore the underwater life from all over the world without having to dive for it! The Aquarium also raises awareness of the need to protect and preserve nature and animals through their exhibitions, guided tours and conservation efforts for sea turtles, corals and Cartilaginous fish. To enjoy a day in Pula Aquarium adults pay 130 HRK, and children, students and retirees pay only 100 HRK.

Nature reserve Kamenjak (Zaštićeni krajobraz Donji Kamenjak)

Located about 15 minutes South-East of Pula city centre you’ll find the nature reserve. Kamenjak is the perfect place to explore by car, bike or by foot with lots of swimming and refreshing breaks on offer throughout the park. Kamenjak coastline is almost 30km long, consisting of various beaches, bays, sea caves, and cliff jumping spots. You can pick and choose between pebble, rock or sandy beaches and there are many secluded spots to be found. There are some amazing cliff diving spots (if you have the nerve) into Croatia’s crystal clear waters. Our favourite place was a two minute walk away from Safari Bar (which by itself is already an amazing place to visit).

Some destination spots also rent out Kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for the more active explorers among us. There are many bars to eat and drink but don’t forget to keep some extra water on you. The park is big, especially when walking or cycling and it does get very hot! It also get’s very dusty as you can see below… Let’s talk cost: Entry with a bike is free and car will cost you 80 HRK.


If you’re interested in travelling a little further out, try Rovinj, a fairytale like city and fall in love with its charm. This was possibly our favourite day of exploring in Croatia! Check it out here, ‘Why Rovinj should be on your Bucket List’.

Travelling Translated

Travelling Translated

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