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Phang Nga

Phang Nga is a province in Thailand located North of Phuket offering a doorstep view to Phang Nga Bay. It is not the typical tourist hotspot but that is what makes it so special. If quiet, remote, off the beaten track spots are what you’re into, this may be a destination to try.


Mandy’s story

When I arrived in Phang Nga I was alone and there were no tourists at all. The bus drop off point from Phuket was very remote and even getting a taxi to the accommodation was not available. I walked besides the road in hope to find a garage or shop to rent a scooter. The feeling of uncertainty was scary, unable to identify where the accommodation was and so, I asked some locals inside a restaurant to help. Of course the lady and her little daughter did not speak English. Thankfully Google translate saved the day with the little Internet available. She directed me to a rental house, I got my scooter and drove towards the town. When I arrived at my ‘resort’ a lovely old lady showed me to my room, whipping the local snake with a broom clearing the path. I had a sense that she was now my bodyguard for the time I was staying in Phang Nga and being the only one staying here she really made me feel at home! I would highly recommend ‘Khaowong resort’ Phang Nga for its authenticity and welcoming atmosphere.

Phang Nga Blessing

Later that day I was fortunate enough to meet with a friend from back home The Netherlands. She was also coincidentally solo travelling. We travelled into town and stumbled upon their vegetarian GinJay Festival (typically late September/October). This whole experience was completely surreal and unexpected and will always be one of the most valuable and impressive memories of my five months travelling in Asia. This was something I had NEVER seen before in my life. We were fully immersed in the festival and ended up staying 5 days. We felt privileged to be a part of the festival engaging with local families, learning about the origins and watching rituals take place. I would recommend researching the Ginjay Festival prior to visiting Thailand preparing yourself for an experience never seen before.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga coincides with Phang Nga Bay, a visual masterpiece with landscapes of limestone emerging vertically out of Emerald green waters. If you are in Phuket you may also see day-trips to Phang Nga Bay. You may have heard of James Bond Island in Thailand. This is where you will find it. Appealing to tourists since The Man with the Golden Gun was released in 1974. Khao Phing Kan a body of islands is better known for its 20 metre tall islet emerging from the waters called Ko Tapu. 

James Bond Island

We did a boat tour from Phang Nga through Phang Nga bay. This incorporated Tham Lod, Tham Nak, Khao Mah Jo, Khao Khian, Ko Panyee and the James Bond Island. Within the bay are lovely places to go hiking, kayaking and snorkelling. Typically, I found the main attraction (James Bond Island) the least impressive in the whole day. This tends to be a recurring theme when travelling. Many tourists queue for lengthy periods of time just to make a photo in front of the ‘James Bond Rock’. This being the case I couldn’t refrain from being a tourist and a hypocrite. I also took a photo which was unfortunately not Instagram worthy and left the island as fast as possible. I would highly recommend a tour because of the incredible nature, ancient wall paintings, caves and the visit to Koh Panyee a small fishers village on the water included on the trip.

Phang Nga Boat tour

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Mandy, Travelling Translated

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