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Behind the scenes at Popeye Village

‘Popeye Village’, Malta was designed and built to harbour the film set of the 1980 musical production ‘Popeye’. If you’re looking for a place to divulge into your younger self or need to wear the kids out look no further. This colourful, entertainment village is a perfect place to spend a few hours and just have fun! With interactive characters, performances and sets ready to explore, this could be considered as one of the best ‘behind the scenes’ film sets in the world.


In 1979 construction began in Anchor Bay. 7 months of labour, 165 international construction crew, 2000 gallons of paint, eight tons of nails and materials imported from The Netherlands and Canada were all combined to create ‘Popeye Village’. Approximately 20 wooden structures had to be built from scratch. Before the construction on the actual village could begin it was necessary to build a 200-250ft breakwater at the mouth of Anchor Bay to protect the production from high tides. In addition, it’s also worth mentioning that an access road had to be constructed which was a welcome relief for us on the bus! Filming commenced on the 23rd of January, 1980.

Popeye Village

When can you visit?

Popeye village is open daily from 10:30am – 16:30pm. Throughout the year themes change and different activities open up. In the summer you can enjoy the swimming pool and nine hole mini golf course, whereas in the winter you can enjoy a visit to see Santa and his workshop!

How much is the entrance fee?

Open all year round, fun is guaranteed to the young and those young at heart! The entrance fee depends on the time of year you plan on visiting. Let’s give you an example of the ‘summer package’ and what is included:

Price: Adults : € 15.00 / Children (3-12yrs) : € 12.50 / Pensioners : € 12.50

  • Entrance to Popeye’s Film Set
  • Use of Splash Pool
  • Use of Play Pool for Kids 
  • Inflatables Course / games and floating sundeck
  • Use of Sun Beds, Sun Umbrellas and showers
  • A variety of Animation Shows
  • Access to Popeye’s Comic Museum
  • Entrance to the Cinema (for a 15 minute Documentary of the Film Set)
  • Use of Nine-Hole Mini-Golf course
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Free Popcorn & Free Postcard

Did you know?

This was actually Robin Williams’ first ever film and has been said to be one of his best!

The production of ‘Popeye’ in its entirety cost $20 million. In its opening weekend the film grossed $6 million and went on to make $60 million worldwide!

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Travelling Translated

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