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A weekend getaway to Pembrokeshire

With Covid restrictions easing and the sun finally beginning to shine when better to organise that weekend break to Pembrokeshire? When the lockdown restrictions eased around April 2021 we were finally allowed to travel within Wales again. We looked around for a weekend break right away. We didn’t want to go too far, but just wanted to escape everyday life.

Abereiddy beach and Blue Lagoon

After around a 2.5 hour drive from our home, our first stop was Abereiddy beach. This pebble beach has a rustic look. The water has this amazing deep, bright blue colour due to the slate. This beach won the Green Coast and Seaside Award 2020 and has stunning coastal paths in both directions. This beach is known for the many fossils that can be found on and around the beach, which is a fun activity to do (especially with kids).

Take a 5 minute walk from the beach and you’ll find the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is formed in an old slate quarry and is now flooded by the sea. The iconic greenish blue colour is due to the mineral composition of the water. The Lagoon is safe to swim in and in 2012 and 2016 the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was held here.


Walking further down the coast path you can find the ruins of a worker’s hut by the old slate quarry. We just loved sitting in the ruin’s window overlooking the sea and wondering what life would’ve been like at the time people lived in this small hut. 

St. David’s Cathedral

After getting lost on the coastal path around Abereiddy beach for a good few hours we drove to the next place on our list: St. David’s Cathedral and the neighbouring Bishop’s palace. For the past 1500 years there has been a church on this site. Admission is free but due to Covid we could not go inside. We thoroughly enjoyed walking around St.David’s Cathedral and the local village.

Wales has so many beautiful castles, churches, cathedrals and ruins to visit, making for a lovely day exploring history, architecture and nature. You can read our ´11 castles you must visit in South East Wales´ to find out what our favourite castles are!. 

Strumble Head lighthouse 

Whilst visiting Pembrokeshire we were doubting if we were going to go to Strumble Head because it was ‘just a lighthouse’. But, what a place! It was a spectacular sunset and we loved just staring at the water with a cold beer in our hands. During the day, Strumble Head is a perfect place for birdwatching in the nearby wildlife lookout. And if you´re lucky, you can see dolphins and porpoises too! Definitely worth a visit! If you’re thinking about proposing this romantic setting is perfect.

Saint Govan’s Chapel

The next morning we started at the Saint Govan´s Chapel car park. From there, we first visited Saint Govan´s Chapel. This 13th century chapel is built into the side of a limestone cliff. Legend has it that the cliffs opened for Saint Govan and sheltered him from a pirate attack. The surroundings and views are stunning, a great first stop of many along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path trail.


The Green Bridge of Wales

We kept following the Pembrokeshire Coast Path past the Huntsman´s Leap. This deep chasm got its name from a hunter on horseback who allegedly survived a jump from one side to the other. Not short after he died of the shock after looking back at the abyss. Can´t lie, I think we would too! We continued down the coastal path past Bullslaughter Bay, Flimston Bay, The Cauldron and Elegug Stacks, towards the Green Bridge of Wales. 


The 80 feet high arch is a nesting area for birds and is a must see when you´re around. The coastal path runs through a MOD (Ministry of Defence) training area so you will need to do your research to find out if you’re allowed in the area. You can find all the info HERE.

From the Green Bridge of Wales you will also be able to spot a variety of wildlife. If you fancied, you could even go sea kayaking with seals! Across Pembrokeshire there are also dolphin and whale watching tours available. Wales is a country with a huge variety of landscapes, coastlines and wildlife ready to discover. Take a look where we’ve explored so far.

Travelling Translated

Travelling Translated

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