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A document checklist for travelling during Covid times

-Last updated: February 2022-

It can seem like an absolute minefield trying to book that amazing getaway with the current and ongoing coronavirus restrictions. It seems every single country has different restrictions and guidelines. We have both been fortunate to travel to a few different countries during the pandemic and we’re going to help you do the same below! The main suggestion we have for you is do your research. We were still caught out at the airport for small things even after a lot of research.

PRINT all documents in English prior to your departure

Vaccination Records & Status 

Including vaccinations, boosters or a recovery certificate if you have had Covid in the last 180 days. We got ours through the NHS in the UK online as this is where we were vaccinated.

Covid Pass

Visa/ETA Requirements 

This is dependent on which country you’re visiting. Find out through their official government website. We advise applying in plenty of time before your visit as some Visa’s/ETA’s take longer than others to be approved. If you’re planning on Extending your Visa, try to do this before arriving to the country. If this is not possible, complete the form prior to arrival, always helpful for authorities to see your intention. So, for example when we visited Sri Lanka we applied for an ETA and were approved one month prior to arrival. We made the decision to extend our Visa and as we weren’t able to apply online we completed a copy for when we visited the Department of Immigration and Emigration. If you’re looking to do the same in Sri Lanka we explain everything HERE!

Health Declaration Forms/Passenger Locator Forms 

These are usually the same thing but labelled as different forms. These can usually be found through your airline booking. It’s just as easy to type “Health Declaration Form (Country you’re visiting)” online and get the official form. You usually submit this form but remember to also print this and take it with you! The country you’re visiting will usually stamp this along with your passport on arrival.

Travel insurance with Covid cover 

This is becoming more and more prevalent. When applying for your Visa or ETA through the countries government website you will sometimes be asked if you want to add Covid cover. For some countries this is mandatory but for others you can just get Travel Insurance with added Covid cover. We got ours on This website outlines all of the best suited insurances tailored to your specifications at different levels of cover. Here is some really useful information that tells you more about Covid Travel Insurance –

We printed the Validation Certificate as well as the “Travel Insurance Covid 19-Letter”. Always so much easier to have it in writing in case there is a situation where you need the evidence but don’t have WiFi or access to emails etc…

Covid Travel Insurance

Please note that some countries require a mandatory local Covid travel insurance. Sri Lanka is one of those countries. You can purchase such Covid travel insurance through government portals with a bit of research.

Negative Test Result 

This depends on the country you’re visiting. Bear in mind the country you’re visiting might not require a Negative PCR or Antigen (LFT) test result but the country you transit in might ask for one.

covid vaccination records

You will need to print the QR code as well as the travel certificate clearly stating your negative test result. You can usually organise these tests through your hotel or buy online for home testing. Please note that walking to your local test center will not be approved. You have to buy these tests and receive a Fit to Fly/Travel certificate with QR Code. Check with your airline if they have discount codes for certain test providers. We get ours through Randox as seen below.

Return Flights if necessary 

This is dependent on the country you’re visiting. You can see this through their government website.

Hotel Booking if necessary 

This is dependent on the country you’re visiting. You can see this through their government website. 

Copy of your passport 

This is something we recommend doing just as an added safety precaution. 

Passport Photos

The passport photos are not necessarily related to Covid but it is always handy to carry some with you. Depending on your travels you may need to supply a passport photo for a Visa or Extension Visa. Always handy to carry!

Transiting in other countries

Transiting in another country basically means you are stopping at that country/airport to travel onwards to another destination. Even though you’re only ‘transiting’ you still need to follow guidelines for that country.

You will need to complete and present the following (print in English):

Health Declaration Form for each traveller

Negative Test Result

Visa Requirements

Vaccination Records & Status

If we’ve missed anything or you’ve experienced anything different get in touch with us through our Contact Us page. We are just trying to make everyone’s travel preparation slightly easier so we can all enjoy the journey a little more stress free!

Maybe you’re unsure of where to go? In that case check out our travel guides for different destinations across Sri Lanka here!

Travelling Translated

Travelling Translated

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